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Natural Ways to Remove Sugar from your Diet

I think we all already know sugar is not good for you and it is my personal belief you should remove sugar from your diet completely. Eating sugar flips on a switch that tells your body to store FAT!
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3 Ways to Avoid the Zero Calorie Myth

It is astonishing to me that in 2020 zero calorie artificial sweetners are still legal in the US after all of the research that has proven their negative effects on health.
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MBX Approved Healthy Dinner Recipes

At MBX our core nutrition philosophy is based on the idea that maintaining a whole foods diet is not only healthier, but also yummy!
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Don’t be Afraid to Workout!

For some people the idea of working out is a scary, daunting experience that causes more anxiety than excitement. But it doesn’t have to!
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How to do a Home Workout Without Buying Equipment

Since going to the gym is not an option, more and more people are trying to do home workouts. But a lot of home workout equipment is out of stock! Learn how to do a great home workout sans equipment...
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How to Stay Motivated While Self-isolating and Social distancing

How can you help yourself stay motivated during self-isolation? Here are a few helpful tips to keep you focused on staying healthy and positive:
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3 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

It is so easy to fall off track from doing things that help reduce depression during the winter, because it’s just TOO COLD! But what ends up happening is you can find yourself feeling a little down...
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Couples Who Workout Together, Stay Together.

Being in a couple is hard work! After the honeymoon period has passed and being easily entertained by the most mundane activities with our partners turns into the chore of figuring out, “what are we doing this weekend?” A couple...
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MBX wins Best Personal Training Studio in Montclair, New Jersey

MBX Wins Gold for Best Personal Training Studio in Best of Essex 2019

MBX is awarded Best Personal Training Studio in 2019's Best of Essex Reader's Choice
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2020 New Year's Fitness Resolutions blog post by Thelis Negron

New Year’s Fitness Resolutions: 3 Steps To Set Goals You WILL Stick To!

The biggest mistake people make when creating New Year's fitness resolutions is setting unrealistic goals. Often the new year fitness goals are set with the intention to do too much too quickly...
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