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Our Philosophy

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The TALK begins with your consultation. During your 50 minute consultation you will receive a complete physical and diet evaluation to archive the baseline for where we are starting in your health and wellness journey. In this conversation, you and your MBXpert will uncover where your health and fitness ideas need some reshaping. We show you what muscular imbalances you’ve developed through inactivity or exercises you’ve done incorrectly. We also go through your current diet and help you see where there may be some insufficiencies. But what makes our workout our program truly different is how we integrate the MIND.

The mental aspect of this program was designed by MBX founder, Thelis Negron, who after over a decade of personal training, found that in order for her clients to achieve the best results, not only was working with the them on bodies pertinent, their mindset had to be adjust as well.

“Most people think that being fit and/or healthy is just about changing your diet and/or working out more, but after over a decade of personal training, I realized it’s about something so much deeper than that. It’s about UN-learning a lot of false information and reprogramming not only your body, but also your mind–that shift in mindset needed MIND COACHING.” -Thelis Negron

couple working out plank exercises
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The hardest part about being physically fit is knowing HOW. There are SO MANY workout studios, classes, cardio tapes, Instagram workout “gurus,”YouTube videos and diet theories—how do you know what is actually right for YOU? WE TEACH YOU THAT. Our program gives you the step by step information and provides you with the knowledge to get into the best shape of your life through a combination of not only accurate, but PROVEN diet and workout methods. Just read our reviews.

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Health and fitness is a lifestyle. We’re quite sure you’ve tried a diet or a workout routine at least once in your life and are probably wondering why it didn’t work, or if it did, why the results didn’t last. It’s because in order to create change in your body FOREVER, you need to formulate an entire life plan. It’s not just a quick two week fix like the diet and exercise mega-companies try to get you to believe so you can purchase their fad products. It is a conscious effort to completely block out of the false health and wellness information you’re bombarded with EVERYWHERE. How do you know what’s the truth and what’s just a money making scheme? WE TEACH YOU THAT. And in the process, your whole life is improved SIGNIFICANTLY.

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