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Montclair New Jersey Personal Trainer Thelis Negron


Thelis Negron is the MBX founder and developer of the MBX 12 Week personal training program. Thelis has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Haverford College, a Mental Health Master’s degree from UMass, and several personal trainer certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), the top ranked school for personal training, nutrition and physical therapy in the country. Thelis is also a certified Life Coach through an ICF accredited institution. She began her personal training career in Hollywood, CA where she worked with a high-end clientele inclusive of celebrities, and was also featured on weight-loss reality shows and well known fitness magazines. She has now been personal training for 15 years, drew from her 5 years of experience as a Marriage and Family Therapist and combined it with her skills as a certified Life Coach to develop a unique mind training technique which she has coined “Mind Coaching.”

“Mind Coaching is an eye-opening technique to get you to see why you’re not getting the health and fitness results you want. At MBX, we help you learn the facts about nutrition and how to break bad habits by replacing them with better ones for your best diet and fitness health possible.” – Thelis Negron

Thelis speaks 4 lanugauges, has lived and traveled all over the world from Europe, to South America, Africa and Asia and has also lived in several major cities in the U.S. including Philadelphia, Manhattan, Los Angeles, and had resided in Montclair, NJ when she opened MBX.

Connecting with people is Thelis’s passion. Finding a way to connect the mind and body has been her goal since becoming a personal trainer, then therapist, and now life coach. Through her unique combination of education, life experiences, professional background, and industry knowledge, she has developed an innovative, sophisticated, and revolutionary program that integrates the principles of personal training with her MIND Coaching techniques simultaneous in each session.

Thelis’s Sessions Start at
$125 / 50 mins
Pricing based on 2/week or 3/week packages

Montclair New Jersey Personal Trainer Thelis Negron
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