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Are you happy with your fitness level? Have you tried different diets and workout programs, but still can’t figure out what’s best for you? At MBX we are NUTRITION and FITNESS experts and our philosophy is that in order to create a successful health and fitness plan, you need to have a constant dialogue to figure out what’s the best plan for YOU. Our private personal training studio integrates every workout session with an open conversation about what’s working for you and what isn’t.

Two personal trainers celebrating success
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Are you currently physically active? And if so, are you completely satisfied with your results? If not, have you ever consulted a personal trainer for a workout program? OR have you tried different classes here and there, but aren’t experiencing the results you truly want? Our personal training program is custom tailored to your needs to get you results not only fast, but LONG LASTING.

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Live the Experience.

Fitness is a lifestyle. The reason fad diets and fad workout classes can only take you so far is because your whole lifestyle needs to be adjusted in order to achieve not only quality, but LONG TERM results. Our fitness program is a comprehensive course that will not only teach you everything you need to know about your misguided diet habits and health misconceptions, but also everything necessary to achieve optimal physical results too—all in one complete 12 week program that promises to SIGNIFICANTLY improve your LIFE. It’s not just a workout, it’s an EXPERIENCE.

Fitness lifestyle in montclair new jersey
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Success Stories from our MBX Family

  • I have been working with Thelis for the last 5 years and I can honestly say that I’ve never been in better shape physically or mentally. My job is so stressful and in every session I get to decompress and talk about it. She is an incredible listener, helps me make sense of my challenges, is motivating, knowledgeable and experienced. If she’s not exactly what you’re looking for in a mind and body trainer, you’re not serious about getting your entire life in shape!

    JAMIE B.
    Financial Officer
  • I had been working out regularly for 10 years with another trainer before starting with Thelis. But after just a few months with her, my fitness level improved greatly, as did my personal outlook! She helped me uncover the mental blocks that were preventing me from achieving my fitness goals. And now, after 3 years of working with her a few times a week, the workouts are still diverse and challenging and my self confidence is through the roof. I continue to see improvements in strength and endurance as I get closer to my goal of having a six pack over 50!

    JERRY I.
    Business Consultant
  • MBX is a revolutionary concept that merges two necessary categories into one. It helps me keep my mind and body active for a lasting and ongoing healthy lifestyle all around.

    Benjamin F.
    Creative Designer
  • I started working out with Treytan about 6 weeks ago. What prompted me to hire a trainer was the desire to get back in shape. I had been working out off and on but was lacking the motivation and proper guidance, so the results were rather discouraging. MBX was recommended to me by a friend who had been working out with Treytan and I had noticed an amazing change in her fitness.

    So my hubby and I scheduled a mtg with Treytan and were impressed with him right away. What I also loved about the MBX training was that they do not focus on just the training but also put together a customized nutrition plan based on your goals. We noticed a very positive change in our bodies and energy levels in less than a week of being on this plan. It was absolutely amazing to us. Not only did we both lose weight but more importantly we felt better & had much more energy than we had in years. The combination of this nutrition plan and Treytan’s amazing workouts has had a life changing positive impact on us.

    Although we did expect that we would get toned and lose weight on this program, what has surprised us is how eating the cleaner foods has changed our eating habits overall. So for us, this has become more of a lifestyle change that our family, including our kids, have embraced.

    We signed up for the 3 month MBX program but honestly after seeing the unbelievable impact this has had on our health we know that MBX will continue to be part of our everyday life going forward as well.

    Thanks to Thelis & Treytan and the incredible MBX program for changing our lives in such a wonderful way. 🙂

    Manika. S
  • Prior to training with Treytan at MBX, I was not into working out at all. I was definitely not a gym person – I could never really stick to anything for more than a few days. I was tired all the time and I had a big roll of fat on my stomach.

    But now, I’m leaner, stronger, and that roll of fat is going away! Treytan is like an encyclopedia – he knows so much about nutrition and weight training. He’s taught me the correct way to lift weights, and why what I eat matters. I get stronger every week – I’m able to either do more reps or lift more weight. I’m finally taking my health seriously and it’s because of Treytan’s guidance and encouragement. I feel better all around. I have more energy, my mood is much better and I’m really seeing results. I’m actually excited to work out and I haven’t thought about throwing in the towel once!

    Sarah S.
    Marketing Professional
  • I started training with Thelis February 2018 and continue to do so. I never thought I needed a mind body coach since I’ve never been over weight, always active and a runner. However after my second baby Even though I dropped the weight really fast and weighed less than pre pregnancy weight i felt very saggy and not toned. I was not happy with my body and at a recommendation from a friend went for a consultation. As of October my BMI went from 38% (feb) to 22% (oct). Lost 2 inches in my waist and toned up my arms and back (no more back fat!). Thelis holds me accountable by asking what I’ve been eating and whether I’ve had slip ups. I talk about where I struggle ie commuting working mom of two and finding time to eat something before I get on the train and she gives me healthy recommendations and guides me on how to make realistic choices throughout the day. She challenges me by constantly increasing weight or building on exercises I’ve already mastered or got used to. Thelis is amazing at her job and puts her all into making people feel better about themselves I don’t know what I did “BT” before Thelis! She comes highly recommended!!

    Jessica T.
  • Not getting any younger (47) + have 4 active kids + got into tennis = needed a support system that would increase my strength, improve conditioning, and ward off injuries. I have done the gym, am active, eat well enough, but want to do more than cruise along. I also know myself as a master of excuses when it comes to getting out to exercise unless it’s a sport. You guys are correctly thinking this does not translate well for any sport and I was finding new and painful injuries on the tennis court (knee, back, Achilles, bicep, shoulder, etc.). I was frustrated and a bit lost.

    Enter Treytan with an organized, realistic, and fun (compared to injuries lol) program that has delivered results. Great start was the non-timeshare-like consultation where he asked about goals and activity/injury history. He then built a program that targeted long-term health alongside immediate gains on the court. I got the recommendation from my wife who has been working with and loving Thelis (and I love those results too).

    I’ve gone 2X times a week for 4ish months and haven’t missed a session. Excuses try to interfere but, unlike a gym or group class, I know Treytan’s waiting for me and I don’t want to let us down. His positive energy is an enabler not a distraction, he’s always changing things up before you get bored (hopping Bulgarian squats / rainbow planks today wth), and he documents everything so each session builds your story.

    We have leg/back/abs and upper body/abs days. We work hard (10 unique exercises min 2 sets each) but I haven’t had one injury related to the sessions.

    Luis C.
    Marketing Director
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MBX 12 Week Fitness Program

During our 12-week fitness program, you will acquire all the knowledge and information about your diet and fitness needs to maintain your results for the rest of your life.

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