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Why I'm passionate about sharing my blog with you

These are the reasons why I’m passionate about sharing my blog with you—and why you SHOULD listen!

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We ask personal trainer, Thelis Negron, "Is coffee bad for you?".

Is Coffee Bad For You? Everything You Need To Know.

Whenever I start with a new client it is inevitable that I will be asked, “Will I have to stop drinking coffee and alcohol to improve my health?” Much to my clients’ surprise, my answer is, “no..."
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Mens health week 2019 blog post

Men’s Health Week: Men Need Self-Care Too!

Self-care is not just a woman thing! The topic of self-care tends to carry a feminine undertone, as it is usually discussed more openly in women’s circles. But hey men, you need self-care too!
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how to choose a personal trainer in new jersey

How To Find A Personal Trainer

A big mistake many people make when finding a personal trainer is assuming ALL trainers are good at what they do. The unfortunate fact about my industry is that it’s not regulated...
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three myths about losing weight that are wrong

3 Myths about losing weight that are WRONG

Throughout my many years of being in the fitness industry, I have encountered EVERY possible diet and workout fad/misconception you can imagine. But the 3 most common myths that seem to transcend place and time are listed here.
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thelis negron believes it is important to eat fruit daily

Is Fruit Bad For You? Here’s Why Eating Fruit Daily Is Important

“Is fruit bad for you because it’s high in sugar?” The answer is a resounding NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Personal trainer in Montclair New Jersey, Thelis Negron

3 Reasons You’re NOT Getting The Fitness Results You WANT

There is NOTHING more frustrating than thinking you’re doing everything right with your health and fitness, but can’t seem to get the results you want. The major problem is the lack of quality information regarding diet and exercise.
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keto diet is a waste of your time

3 Reasons the Keto Diet is a Waste of Your PRECIOUS Time!

I keep getting asked my opinion about the keto diet, so I thought I’d share my thoughts. If you’ve ever worked with me or follow my content, you probably already know that my philosophy comes from a holistic approach...
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how to start working out with Thelis Negron

3 EASY Ways To Start Working Out

If this title caught your attention, you either haven’t worked out in a while or EVER. And we all know getting started is the HARDEST part. So what are some things you can do to make it easier?
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Jump start a slow metabolism

3 Ways to Jump Start a Slow Metabolism

A big component of weight management is knowing whether your metabolism is working properly and optimally. Do you feel hungry when you wake up in the morning?
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Personal trainer Thelis Negron holding fruit

3 Reasons Why You MUST EAT CARBS

Carbs are the enemy?! NOT! (Remember, “not”? annoying, yet still appropriate in some cases). Let me tell you a little story about how this diet myth developed...
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