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MBX 12 Week Workout Plan

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How to achieve fitness success

Our 12 week weight loss program begins with a consultation.

Your total MINDSET assessment includes:

  • A discussion on how you made the decision to contact MBX
  • Complete diet evaluation
  • MBX will partner with you to design the road map that will help you understand what you can gain from this EXPERIENCE

Your total BODY assessment includes:

  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Resting Heart Rate
  • Body Fat Test
  • BMI
  • Body composition Measurements
  • VO2 Max Test
  • Strength & Mobility Test

The 50 minute consultation is $150. If you decide you’d like to purchase the program, the consultation fee will be applied toward your first package. In one hour, you will have a very clear understanding of where you are with your health, nutrition and fitness.

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Stage 1

The "OMG, That's Me?" Stage (Month 1)

Most people are surprised at their initial consultation at how unhealthy their diet and lifestyle truly is. During the first month of our 12 week workout plan you will learn how to eat properly for optimal health—not just for looks! In the process you may lose about 2 pounds a week, feel less hungry throughout the day and feel a difference in your mood, bloating and inflammation. You may also experience an increase in energy. You will be taught basic strength building exercises and learn names of muscle groups.

  • Introduction of Better Health Nutrition Concepts
  • Correction of Muscular Imbalances
  • Building the Foundation (Core and Basic Strength Training)
  • Focus on Building up Cardiovascular Endurance
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Stage 2

The "I Can't Believe How Good I Feel" Stage (Month 2)

I always tell my clients during the first 2 sessions, “remember how you feel right now, because in 2 weeks you’ll feel totally different.” It’s really that quick! During the first 2 weeks you may find the exercises difficult, you may feel out of breath and out of shape, but by week 5, you will feel totally different! During month 2 you may continue to lose about 2 pounds a week, feel an increase in your cardio endurance and core strength. You may feel a difference in how your clothes fit and also begin to see definition in your arms and legs.

  • More Dynamic Strength Training Exercises
  • Multiple Muscle Groups Worked Simultaneously
  • Preparation for High Intensity Strength Training
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Stage 3

The "I Never Knew I Could Do This" Stage (Month 3)

Whether you were an avid frequenter of the latest fad workout class or had been out of commission from physical activity for years, EVERYONE who reaches Stage 3 of the MBX program experiences the “I never thought I could do this” aha moment! This is because our individualized programs are custom tailored to YOU, so we make sure that by month 3, you are on your way to the best possible shape of your life. In this stage you may doing exercises you never thought you’d be able to do. You may also have lost several inches around your waist.

  • High Intensity Strength Training
  • Explosive Movements
  • Maximum Calorie Burn
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*Results may vary based on client’s overall health and their consistency and commitment to the MBX 12 week weight loss program guidelines. After the 3 months you will have gained all you need to know to continue leading a healthier lifestyle both mentally and physically. Our programs are so intense, they are not only a mental and physical workout—they are an EXPERIENCE.

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